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Feed My Sheep

Carol and Issacby Carol Scarborough

Do you ever feel God’s tug on your heart to be of service to Him?  That’s how it all started for me.  Marsha Hunt, one of my Sunday school teachers, got involved in Midtown Ministries and kept imploring our class to get involved.  I toyed with the idea (God’s knocking) and decided to check it out.  My thought process was, “do I want to commit every Thursday evening?  Do I want to give up an evening of MY time to work with children?”  I’ve never thought of myself as a children’s worker; always thought I’d like to work with seniors.  Well, don’t ask God to show you where He wants you to serve if you aren’t ready to answer His call.

I prayed before I went and my first Thursday at the mission was an eye opening event. The only people I knew there was Marsha and Pat Martin but when I walked in I felt God’s love.  I sat on the floor with some of the kids during our song segment and put my arms around some of them. They in turn loved me back.  Well needless to say I was hooked.  I felt God’s great love, His presence and the gift He gave me of loving His children.  Wow, it was incredible.

Carol's KidsTo make a long story short, I have been teaching (I’m not a teacher) 5th grade students for almost two years now.  My first class of babies (they probable wouldn’t appreciate me calling them babies) are like my own grandchildren.  We developed a bond that won’t be broken.  They still come in on Thursday evenings and give me hugs even though they are in another class.  I tell people Mark and I have 6 grandchildren in Easley, SC, 6 in Charlotte and 12 in Rock Hill.

I wouldn’t take anything for my time with God’s lambs!  Talk about a return on your investment, you have no idea of the blessings I have reaped. 

This new school year has brought me a different set of kids with different personalities but the same basic need; someone to show them God’s love.  They are not always angels but I pray each week if they don’t learn anything about the Bible story they will feel His love and know that “Jesus Loves Me”.

One of my students this year, Issac Ekanem wrote a poem and read it to me several Thursdays ago.  His poem shows he understands the message we teachers are trying to get across.  Examples like this make our Thursday commitment all worth while.


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